Making Adoptions Brighter for All

Full-Service Adoption Agency

At Brighter Adoptions, we strive to make the entire adoption experience Brighter for all parties involved by being a licensed and full-service adoption agency located in Utah!

We hope you find your experience with us, brighter.

Here at Brighter Adoptions, we hope to shine the light a little brighter on our birth mothers. We want the entire adoption experience at our agency to feel warmer and brighter than anywhere else.

We have been involved in adoptions for over twenty-two years and have been through it several times personally as well. We know that everyone is unique, and we want to make each one of our adoptions unique. We strive to cater to our birth mothers and to make this extremely difficult experience as bright as possible.


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What Others Say About our full-service adoption agency

Brighter Adoptions was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Sandi is the absolute best! I love her so much. She was with me the entire time when I had no one else and felt so alone. I would recommend Brighter Adoptions to anyone who is considering adoption for their child. I feel so secure and happy with my decision. No one pressured me into choosing adoption but I knew it was the best thing to do for me and for my child. I blessed a family with a child and blessed my child with a family who will provide her everything I was unable to provide.


My name is Kellie and I am a birth mother who has placed a baby with Brighter Adoptions in June of 2020. It was an incredibly difficult choice but Sandi and Shaylee ALWAYS make things better. They do not judge you or try to push you to make a decision. They helped me through every step of the difficult process. I love them and owe them so much. I am very happy with my decision. I have an open adoption with the family who adopted my child. I am in touch with them all of the time. I am truly grateful for Brighter Adoptions and I would refer any expectant mom needing to make an adoption plan to them.


I wanted to write this review today because the team at Brighter Adoptions is some of the best people I have ever met in my entire life. They are caring, honest, loving and they go above and beyond to help birth families. My girlfriend and I have placed two children with Brighter Adoptions. There was no judgment from them when we found ourselves needing help that second time. I would recommend Brighter Adoptions to anyone making the decision to place a child for adoption. I don’t trust many people, and I was very nervous the first time, but both adoptions have been amazing experiences. I highly recommend Brighter Adoptions. I hope my words help and this leads you to the right choice.


From the very first time I talked to Sandi while I was still in Alabama she put my mind at ease. I was very nervous about flying (for the first time) across the country to live and find a family for my unborn son. I am glad I didn’t let my nerves get the best of me. I miss Utah everyday. I wish Sandi was my mom. She made the entire process so comfortable. There was no pressure from her or anyone at the agency. The family I chose to adopt my son is the best. I talk to them every week and I love seeing him grow. I am still working on getting my life stable and I know I would not have been able to give my son what he deserves or even what he needs so I gave him both when I gave him the family I chose for him. Do not be nervous or afraid to do the right thing for your unborn child. I am so glad I called Brighter Adoptions. They were an answer to prayer.

JasmineSeptember 2020

Since the very first time I came in contact with Brighter Adoptions they have always been very understanding, respectful, and extremely caring. The staff is very professional and attentive to ones needs, concerns, or requests. They answered my calls 24/7 and set my doctor's appointments to hours that best fit my schedule. They have showed me some incredible profiles of parents to choose from and never put any pressure on me regardless of what I decided they were very thoughtful and supportive every step of the way. I would truly recommend them to anyone thinking of adoption.


Contact us today to see if our licensed and full-service adoption agency is the right place for you and your baby. Making the decision that you think is right for yourself and your baby is good parenting, and we are here to help you in any way you need.